"Representing the same era of design as would have been seen on the immensely popular PBS series Downton Abby"

Vienna Opera House Bosendorfer Grand Piano For Sale

It is with the utmost pride that JMV Piano Classics announces the completion of this exceptional commissioned work. JMV Piano Classics has masterfully restored and renovated the 6'7" Bosendorfer Grand Piano from the Vienna Opera House, Vienna, Austria.

Known for legendary technical capabilities and distinguished craftsmanship, JMV Piano Classics took on the notable task of renovating this notable grand to today's Bosendorfer standards and creating an art case design that harkens back to Bosendorfer's great historical past in the area of art case design.

Now imagine this magnificent musical work of art that once graced the glorious opera house at Vienna's fabled Musik Verein, in your home or hotel lobby.

      Art, music, history  is one way to describe this fine collectable