Art Case Grand Pianos For Sale

BOSENDORFER ART CASE GRAND PIANO FOR SALE FROM THE VIENNA OPERA HOUSE-a design that harkens back to the same era of high design as seen on the PBS series DOWNTON ABBEY.

JMV Piano Classics proudly announces the masterful restoration of the magnificent 6'7" Bosendorfer art case grand piano from the Vienna Opera House, renovated in a style that reflects the musical history of the Bosendorfer and the city of Vienna.  This heirloom is available for purchase. Perfect for the collector of fine art, pianos, antiques, history and unique historical items. Contact us to discuss this art case grand piano and other Bosendorfer grand pianos for sale.

Redwood with intricate, handcrafted inlays, grace the lid of this Bosendorfer piano from the Vienna Opera House. Truly for the collector of fine art and unique historical items.

Bosendorfer has been the piano of choice for such renowned artist such as Brahams, Liszt, Wagner and contemporary artists including Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Bob Hope, Marvin Hamlisch and Frank Sinatra.